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Monday, June 27, 2005
Big Hole
Anyone know why there is suddenly a massive gap appearing between the Title and Content of my most recent blog post?

Can’t get enough
Having spent last Tuesday evening taking in the sunshine and the cricket at Grace Road, I spent a very pleasant Sunday afternoon at Trent Bridge enjoying the Twenty20 game between Nottinghamshire and Yorkshire. Sadly Notts managed to chuck away a decent first innings total through some pretty rubbish bowling which was savaged by Yorkshire opener Ian Harvey.

Despite the early surge in the run rate, Notts did well to drag the match out to the last over, and could even have sneaked it at the end. Nonetheless, a record Trent Bridge crowd had an enjoyable day in the sun, watching an enthralling cricket match.

Now in its third season, Twenty20 is truly proving to be a wonderfully invigorating experience, which no doubt breaths life into the finances of the cash strapped counties. Undoubtedly helped by the glorious summer sunshine a crowd of over 8000 at a domestic match can only be good for the game – bringing cash into the counties, and perhaps more importantly firing the interest and imagination of kids across the country.

As I've said before, with all this interest, and what promises to be an enthralling Ashes series this summer ahead of us, it's such a shame that the ECB have chosen to take Sky's money and sell out the future of the game, metaphorically trampling their own wicket into the ground in the process.

Glasto in the dry and some things to read
Rain lashing down on them, caking them in mud, and washing away tents in the process: it can only have been the Glastonbury Festival. Hopefully, Ben, Del, and Phil survived with nothing more than a slightly wet pair of shoes, however I can't help feeling that Phil's decision to leave the wellies at home, and Ben's mistaken weather prediction may have contributed to their own downfall. Still, at least one person who couldn't be there is happy.

Personally speaking, I watched it from the comfort of my own living room, missing out on the atmosphere and mud, but staying dry and enjoying the excellent coverage on BBC3. The Killers and Kasabian both came across as enjoying excellent sets, whereas Primal Scream left me disappointed (sadly I missed their subsequent interview, which I believe might have caused the Sex Pistols to blush).

In other news, John's book deal (predicted my me – does that mean I get 5%?) is now hopefully in the pipeline; Pentup Digital Fury is now back up and running with a bumper crop of birthday related posts; Jonny B moves effortlessly from impregnating a woman to heroically holding in a poo; and The Girl gets more than she bargained for on Holloway Road.

Thursday, June 23, 2005
Cat and Potatoes
Exciting events in the 1000Shades household, as our new Sofas finally arrived this week (not yet checked for their ability to withstand blood spatter).

It makes such a change to be able to slump in front of the TV and actually be comfortable while we do it. Turning into a couch potato has never felt so good! It also means we can afford to have more than one person stay without compelling someone to sleep on the floor or with the cat.

Well, I say sleep with the cat, she seems to be spending more and more of the night hours prowling the house, and has developed a habit of walking over my sleeping torso and licking my face until I wake up and feed her at 5am. This is already turning into something of a battle of wills, with my natural stubbornness matched with my natural desire to do anything to get more sleep. So far the stubbornness is holding out, and the bags under my eyes are growing.

The thing is, that having tried shutting her in a different room she still manages to wake us with her loud meowing. All suggestions as to how we overcome this problem that don't involve the River Trent and a sack with rocks in gratefully received.

A spot of light reading
Whilst I've been busy in work of late, I've still managed to come across this blog. I can't help to admire the guy who has really taken on a challenge and a half; I only hope he's already got a book deal lined up.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to congratulate JonnyB, who is going to become a father.

Speaking of JonnyB, he's one of several of 1000Shades favourite bloggers taking part in the Big Blogger event, joining The Girl, Zoe, Mike and Mish in the virtual house. It takes a bit of effort to keep track of their goings on, but persevere – as the evictions take their toll it should become easier to follow.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005
What if the prosecution hadn't let Janet Arvizo testify? What if Michael Jackson had been subject to cross-examination? What would the woman with the doves have done if Jacko had been found guilty of any charges? Questions we'll never know the answer to.

Was the defeat suffered by the Lions on Saturday the wake up call they needed to sort out their complete inability to recycle a rugby ball? Was last night's thrashing of the Aussies nothing more than a misleading opening to yet another comfortable ashes victory for the boys from down under or the first blow in an enthralling cricketing contest that will see England win back the urn? Questions that time will answer.

I don't know about you, but I'm much more interested in the results of the second set of questions than I am the first. Bring on the next few months of sport. I can't wait.

Saturday saw me spending time in the company of some bloggers (including Del and the author of Pentup Digital Fury (who is currently without an internet connection hence the recent silence)) and non-bloggers. A trip to finally see the latest and best of the three Star Wars prequels was followed by a meal in Wagamama and a night on the beers.

Sunday was spent recovering from a particularly feisty hangover and driving home from London.

As far as my night out goes, I'd forgotten how expensive it is to go out in London, and spent way more than I had planned over the course of a weekend which saw me haggling with a chip shop owner and having my arse pinched (not by said chippy owner). It also saw me set a personal record by not falling asleep on a London Night bus for once a dangerous habit that I developed several years ago, but which has fortunately seen me suffer no harm other than once lolling forward and smacking my forehead off the seat in front.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005
Just like Del, we've finally had a telephone line connected to our house. Or should that be reconnected – the previous owner seemingly taking it upon himself to cut us off from all forms of telecommunication (TV aerial, phone line, etc.).

Happily, this has allowed us to fund Rupert Murdoch's latest trip to the supermarket and subscribe to Sky. We now have access to clear reception on all 5 domestic TV channels at last, together with hundreds of channels I've no intention of ever watching; several channels I won't be allowed to watch; and all the sports channels I could ever dream of watching!

I've already seen a handball match (not a repeat of the 1986 Football World Cup Quarter Final), and I'm sure more exciting sports will appear before my eyes over the next few weeks and months.

Happy Days!

Where's my rubber duck
Bath was everything people had told me it would be – crammed with beautiful Georgian architecture and tourists in equal measure.

In the event that you find yourself there, I can strongly recommend the free walking tours of the city provided by the Mayor's office, far more informative and with additional health benefits compared to one of the bus tours offered.

The most amusing sight of the visit had to be the Tour Bus advertising the bus trip around Manchester, which presumably must have taken a wrong turning somewhere near Manchester Airport and headed down the M6 on a whim.

(On that note, what is there in Manchester to merit a bus tour? "This is Granada Studios, home of Coronation Street. This is soon to be the Nike Arena, home of the Manchester Buccaneers. This is some of the local rain. This is Moss Side, home of the Gallagher brothers - please watch out for the locals...")

Generally speaking, I think we all survived being cooped up in a house together, and although some of our party where, at times, trying the patience of others generally I think everyone had an enjoyable experience.

However, quite why anyone would want to wash chicken breasts before cooking them is beyond me...

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