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Thursday, August 18, 2005
Busy busy busy
Obviously I'm now doing my best to turn myself into the world's greatest employee – so haven't had much time to blog. On the upside, I have had a pay rise (albeit an annual, we give everyone in your position this much, kind of pay rise).

The problem with this new found zeal for work is that so much has happened over the last few weeks that is worthy of blogging. England's cricket team have transformed themselves from a side that looked like it might get stuffed by Australia to one that could end up doing the stuffing. Britain's athletes had a bit of a shocker at the World Championships. The football season has started again, although most of my rantings over the forthcoming season can be read elsewhere, to spare you the stream of obscenities I launched at the TV on Sunday.

On a personal level, we had the plasterer in (rock and roll or what) and he has made two of the rooms in our house look immaculate, ready for me to paint. Happily I also avoided electrocuting myself whilst fitting a light – this marks a significant, and I would say healthier, change from last time, when I thought passing 240 volts through me was a cunning plan. With hindsight touching a live electric cable seems a foolish plan, and it was with a great sense of relief that I demoted myself to electrician's assistant and let the wife do the actual connecting wires bit. Who says chivalry is dead?

We went to a colleague's wedding, got lost on the way, and in my case got sufficiently drunk to wow my colleagues by dancing to S Club 7. In a moment I proved to the world that I'm perfectly comfortable with my sexuality, and my complete lack of rhythm – as the sole man on the dance floor, I knew the eyes of the room were on me, men wanting to be me, women wanting to dance with me. Course, the hangover the following day hurt like a bugger…

The cat's been to Stalag Cat again, and apart from pissing herself at some point whilst there seems to have survived the whole ordeal a lot better – probably helped by the fact that the cat next door seemed quite shy, rather than the fat bruiser of last time, and at the same time we celebrated our second wedding anniversary by eating the best meal of our lives here, and getting rained on at Whitby Abbey.

In the world of blogging, The Ultimate Olympian didn't die whilst taking part in the London Triathlon, which would have been my biggest worry if I'd been in his shoes and Big Blogger 2005 was won by Vitriolica.

All told, it's been an eventful few weeks.

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