1000 Shades of Grey
Monday, November 21, 2005
Turned on too early?
Now I'm a big fan of Christmas, and really enjoy advent. However, I've always tried to resist the commercialisation of Christmas, and in particular the need to bring it forward so that its starts (at least in the eyes of some retailers) in early October.

Imagine, my surprise when I realised that the occupants of a house down my street had reached such a state of excited fervour that their desire for Christmas to arrive had not only compelled them to not only get their Christmas decorations down from the loft, but also to sprinkle them liberally over the front of their house. Planning ahead for the big switch on at the end of the month, you might think?

But no, they've already turned their house in to an approximation of Blackpool sea front in November and turned their Christmas lights on!

Is this the earliest instance of someone getting their lights out in the country, or are my neighbours actually quite slow in this regard?

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